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12 years of Experience

We have the know-how that you need

TELEVISION INC. was founded in February 2008 by a TV actress Isabelle Massabo in collaboration with famous Japanese TV producers.


We are multicultural media services company and specialists for high-gloss PR & Marketing/ TV Programs /Documentaries/ Magazines/ Commercials/ Infomercials/ Music Films/ Corporate Films/ Coordination/ Translations and Interpretations in several languages (more than 150 languages)/Hosting shows (MC)/ Events/ Consulting service.

As a PR & Production Company based in Tokyo- Japan, we operate all around the world and can offer a worldwide network of professional partners.


Our strengths are flexibility, creativity, interdisciplinary expertise and innovation.

We work professionally, quickly and efficiently – always at the highest level, delivering high production value for any work. Our team of talented and highly experienced professionals know how to achieve the very best results on time and within your budget, every time.


We work especially in tourism industry to promote each destinations (Japan and abroad) on TV programs, events organization and websites. We provide a “media-mix” strategy to spread out information. Since 2015, we are in charge of ANTOR-JAPAN (Association of National Tourist Offices Representatives in Japan) secretariat and provides ideas and solutions for Outbound and Inbound tourism with several countries’ Tourism Offices, Embassies, Ministers and Organizations. And we involve also students for a more diligent approach to their success and future.


We also work for several companies as consultants and coordinate the aim from Japan to the World and from the World to Japan! 


Established in February 2008

CEO Isabelle Naomi Shinjo (MASSABO)

Our Services

1.  PR & Marketing/ Advertising 

2.  Consulting services

3.  Publishing Business

4.  Production of TV & Radio Programs

5.  Production of Commercials & Infomercials

6.  Production of Events

7.  Production of any manufacturing products

8.  Coordination, Translation and Interpretation Services

9.  Importation/Exportation of music, movie, copyright goods, music instruments, selling and lease

10. Artists/ Actors Casting & Management for TV, Radio, Events

11. Independent Artists/ Actors Casting & Management for TV, Radio, Events


Tokyo Office (JAPAN)

9-6-24, Roppongi Daiya Bldg. 5F, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 JAPAN


Kyushu Office (JAPAN)

Miyazaki-shi Kirishima 1-6-33 Art Japan Bld. 3F, Miyazaki 880-0014


Nice Office (FRANCE)

5, rue Assalit 06000 Nice France


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